Architects Glasgow

The architects at our company here in Glasgow have been providing architectural drawings now for many years so have the experience, skill and knowledge to ensure that you get the best service possible from us. Archiplan Glasgow pride ourselves on the good quality relationships we have with our clients as well as the high level of customer service that we maintain through the process that we are contracted to carry out for you.

People look for architects for different reasons and we have completed drawings for many clients who require them in order to apply for planning permission and/or building warrants. We have drawn plans for garage and loft conversions, sun rooms, conservatories, extensions and new builds. The drawings completed by our architects in Glasgow are done so using our CAD facilities, taking into account the ideas that you have for what you are wanting.

Archiplan can act on your behalf through the project to help you as much as we possibly can which again we feel adds to the level of customer service that we like to offer our clients. When you initially contact us for building warrant or planning permission applications, we are happy to come out to visit your property to help answer any questions which you may have and to explain the process which you will go through. At every step we will ensure you are kept informed and up to date with where we are at. When our architect has given you a quote and if you are happy to proceed then we will initially come out to your home to carry out a full building measurement survey which is the starting point for any planning permission or building warrant application. To carry out this survey we need access to every room, it should take around 1 hour to do. If we act as your agent then we will deal with the local authorities until permission is granted.

Our architects in Glasgow have dealt with many cases before so know exactly what is expected.

So if you are a homeowner in Glasgow looking to alter or extend your home in a way that affects the size, position or location, appearance etc that requires full planning permission or if you need help in obtaining a building warrant then why not contact us today and speak to one of our architects.