House Extension Drawings Uddingston

a extensionsHouse extension drawings are essential when it comes to planning for a house extension to be built. If you don’t have planning permission and a building warrant then your house extension could potentially be demolished/altered, causing you to lose money.

Here at Archi Plan we specialise in house extension drawings for people who live in Uddingston. So if you live in Uddingston and you are looking to have a house extension built onto your property then you should come to Archi Plan.

At Archi Plan we have provided house extension drawings to people for a number of years now and can provide competitive prices for our services.

When using our company you can expect there to be constant communication throughout the full process. Our team have someone come out to your property to discuss with you everything that you will need to know. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about this process and we will be able to provide you with both the answers and advice from your initial enquiry at the start.  After you have spoken to our company about the house extension drawings that we can offer and you are happy with what we can offer then we will then carry out a full building measurement survey of your existing home.

We will discuss with you your ideas and if they are realistic we will then design and develop these ideas through our house extension drawings. If we think that your plans won’t be approved for whatever reason then we would then advise you of this and discuss with you drawings which we think would be approved by the local authorities.

If you would like to discuss with us the drawings that we can do for you and others in Uddingston then just give us a call or alternatively fill out our online contact form that we have on our site, one of our team will be able to talk to you soon afterwards.

Damp Surveys East Kilbride

guarantee logo (1)There are several different categories that dampness can fall into, these are rising dampness, condensation, penetrating dampness and tramatic dampness.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is usually a sign of a damp patch that appears on an internal wall, this can also be combined with damage to the skirting board and decorations.

If you have rising dampness the result will be structural damage to your interior walls, it has also been found that damp rooms can increase the risk of developing asthma.

If rising dampness is unattended to it will eventually cause rot to the floor joists and the other interior timbers that it comes into contact with.

There are a number of different issues which cause rising damp, some of which include:

  • Blocked or defective rain water goods
  • High ground levels, new driveways, paths or tarmac bridging the DPC
  • Defective pointing, porous brickwork, spauling bricks
  • Faulty or defective flashing on roofs/extensions
  • Cracked/missing roof tiles or slates
  • Internal defects in cavity walls
  • Cracked or defective window sills
  • Internal chimney defects




Generally when the climate changes windows will start to steam up which results in condensation and mould growth. These issues are very common and can sometimes be fixed easily with the fitting of the correct ventilators.

Condensation is caused when warm, moist air meets a cold surface and the water vapour condenses out.

Penetrating dampness

This occurs when moisture seeps in from the external walls into the internal walls and is usually caused by construction that has failed.

Examples of how this may have happened include:

  • Blocked guttering, hoppers or down-pipes
  • Unused chimneys that are capped or sealed
  • Flashing on a building that has failed
  • Valley gutters that are not lined appropriately
  • Cavity walls that have a bridge


Tramatic dampness

This is the cause of a leaking pipe, drain, tank or radiator.

If you think you have tramatic dampness then it is important that you have the damage inspected by a damp surveyor, this is because the building fabric may need to have an anti-fungal treatment applied to prevent mould growth.

What we can do

Here at Archi Plan we offer damp surveys as a service to people who live in East Kilbride. So if you have any concerns about dampness at your property in East Kilbride then you should come to us.

We have been providing damp surveys to people in East Kilbride for a number of years now. When contacting us we will be able to arrange for a fully qualified building surveyor to attend your property. The surveyor will then carry out a full survey on your property and will provide you with a written report on the findings.

We currently have several appointments available to those who are interested in our damp surveys, with us having evening and weekend appointments available. This means that you are sure to be able to find a suitable time for us to come out.

Are you interested in finding out more about this service? If so all you need to do is give us a call today for further information.

Building Warrants Strathaven

a archiplan 3Although planning permission is necessary you will also need to apply for a building warrant before you are able to start building work on your property. This is because planning permission mainly focuses on the external structure of your property whilst building warrants will focus on showing that the design of your property meets the requirements of the domestic building regulations.

Here at Archi Plan we have team members available that deal with building warrants on a day to day basis. The fact that they deal with these on a daily basis means that we are up to date with the current regulations and we have knowledge on what structure is likely to pass and which would fail.

When you contact us one of our team will arrange to come out to your property in Strathaven and discuss what it is that you are looking to have done. We will then be able to discuss whether or not your thoughts and ideas are realistic and will then go on to develop your ideas through our drawings. If your ideas aren’t realistic and we believe that you wouldn’t be approved then we will be able to advise you of this and offer solutions to you. We will then develop your drawings using our CAD facilities.

We provide decent prices to those in Strathaven who come to us for our services and would be more than happy to provide a quote to you before our services are started.

So if you live in Strathaven and you would like to find out more about building warrants and what we can do for you then you should give us a call. We will visit your home and answer all of your questions whilst offering advice from your initial enquiry from day one, this advisory service is completely free!

Building Warrant Applications East Kilbride

a archiplan 4As you will already know building warrants are required for all internal and external alterations.  Building Warrants must be applied for and granted by the local authority verifier before any building work can commence and  must ensure compliance with the Building Standards.

Here at Archi Plan we deal with building warrant applications for those who are based in East Kilbride. We can compile your complete application pack when dealing with building warrant applications. When doing building warrant applications we will include a full set of existing scale plans, a full set of proposed scale plans, ordnance survey maps (scale of 1:1250 & 1:500) and the council’s application form.

We have been dealing with building warrant applications for people in East Kilbride for a number of years now and over the years the majority of our clients have spoken positively on our service as a whole. We have gained a reliable reputation as result of this positive feedback and it has also meant that more people are likely to return to us and recommend our services to other people that they know.

We provide competitive prices to those who are interested in coming to us for our services and will be able to inform you of the complete cost before our services are started.

If you are in East Kilbride and would like to find out more about what we can offer to you then you should get in touch with us. Our staff would be more than happy to discuss our services in further depth and answer any questions that you might have about building warrant applications.