Retrospective Building Warrant Glasgow

People who have made alterations to their home in Glasgow without the required consents who then want to go on to sell their property will be asked for a completion certificate for the alterations by their lawyer. If you didn’t get consent for the work you don’t have to worry though because we can help by getting you a retrospective building warrant or letter of comfort as it is also known by.

It is very common for people to go ahead and get work done without the required consent as not everyone is aware that you have to have the work approved and get a building warrant issued. To find out more information or if you have any questions about a retrospective building warrant in Glasgow you can contact us, we would be more than happy to help.

In a situation where a building warrant hasn’t been issued prior to work commencing we would have to come out to your property to carry out a full measurement survey of your home. From there we will produce a set of existing scale drawings and a full set of proposed scale drawings, these will be accompanied by an ordnance survey map and the council application form so that they can be reviewed. You can expect it to take around 4 weeks for the council to review the plans and arrange to come out to home to carry out a site inspection. The completion certificate will be released after the inspection has taken place.

When you come to us for a retrospective building warrant in Glasgow you can be sure that we will communicate well with you and keep you up to date and fully informed of where we are at with the process, acting as your duly appointed agent.

Having helped many people before you can be certain that you are in good hands with us as we know exactly what we are doing.

So, if you need our help then get in touch with us today.


House Extension Drawings Glasgow

Are you looking for a reliable company who can provide you with house extension drawings in Glasgow? If so then why not check us out. We are a professional company who have been providing house extension drawings to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas now for many years so you can be sure that if you use us that you will be using a company who know what they are doing.

House extensions are a choice for many people for different reasons but probably the most popular reason is to create more space in the property that they live in already. Maybe they want to make their kitchen or bathroom bigger, extend a bedroom or even just want to add another room to their home but whatever your reason is for wanting it we can help you.

Some people automatically think that when they want to create more space that they should move but this isn’t always the case as extensions can be a great add on to your home and they can also save you the upheaval of moving.

We have been providing house extension drawings to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas for many years now so we have plenty of experience in doing so. If this is a service that you require and you contact us to do it for you then you can expect us to provide you with a fully comprehensive service as well as excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on the high standards that we set and maintain and throughout the process of providing you with house extension drawings or any of the other services that we provide in Glasgow we will keep you informed of where we are at.

You can read more about what is involved with house extension drawings on our website. If you do require any further information though or if you have any questions then you can call us and one of our helpful team will be able to help you.