Planning Permission Glasgow

When considering a new extension or conversion to your property a building warrant will always be required. After submitting your planning permission application to the Glasgow authorities it can take eight to ten weeks for a decision to be issued. Archiplan Glasgow remain in consistent contact with the council throughout this time whilst ensuring to deliver regular updates to you, the client.

Applying for a building warrant is a legal requirement before proceeding with any alterations to your property. At Archiplan we can help you with your planning permission applications by creating a complete application pack for you. The level of customer service is of the highest quality and you are really at the heart of all operations.

Archiplan will produce the required drawings to indicate the current state of the building and the projected plans for the building so that the council can permit them. If you’re unsure of how to go about receiving planning permission for your property, a quick discussion with Archiplan Glasgow can help you through the process.

Why Do You Need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is required when making any alteration to a property which may alter it’s appearance. The process of applying for planning permission can be a tiring and lengthy process when making changes to your property is already stressful. Planning permission allows for the council to ensure changes to a property won’t affect the surrounding area or neighbours.

The team at Archiplan Glasgow deal with all aspects of the planning permission process to ensure you experience the least stress during the development.

How Does the Process Work?

Just share your ideas with Archiplan and we can work with your ideas to receive the necessary planning permission and get your project moving forward promptly. Frequent updates from the team will ensure you know exactly what’s going on and can allow you to monitor the timeframe of your work. The pack will consist of a full set of existing scale plans, proposed scale plans and the councils application pack.

For more information on Glasgow planning permission services you can talk to an advisor at Archiplan. We can give you as much information as required to ensure the process and the costs are clear to you.