Retrospective Building Warrant Paisley

Most homeowners in Paisley over the years will have work done to their homes whether it is a loft conversion, house extension, or any other form of work. However, most do not know that in order to complete work on your house you require a building warrant from the local council. This means that a lot of people will not have obtained a building warrant yet will have the work done. This will cause problems especially if you are trying to sell your house and the lawyer asks you for the completion certificate for the alteration work on your house. Here at Archiplan, we can help, we can help you out we can help you apply to get a retrospective building warrant that’s required if you have had work done without the appropriate permission.

In order to obtain the retrospective building warrant, we would need to carry out a full measurement survey of your place, produce both existing scaled drawings and proposed scale drawings as well as completing the council’s application form and submitting all the information to the council to be reviewed. The council would then review it and it would take around 4 weeks for them to come and carry out a full site inspection before they grant you the completion certificate.

If there are any areas of concern with the building work we would highlight this with the council giving you time to get it fixed. This is so that when they come to carry out the site inspection there are no areas of concern for the site inspector meaning that there will be no delays in releasing the completion certificate.

If you are in the Paisley area and looking to sell your house or have had work done but do not have the completion certificate and would require a retrospective building warrant then please do not hesitate to contact us.