Garage Conversion Renfrew

With Summer on the horizon and the weather getting warmer most people will want to make the most of this and enjoy it while it lasts. Many families will enjoy this from their garden whether that be with friends or other family having a barbecue or a few drinks in the garden. An increasingly popular choice amongst households now is to put their own bar in their garden to make the most of the good weather and socialize without having to be stuck indoors. Some people build their own from scratch, however, converting your garage into a bar is an easier option. Here at Archiplan, if you are in Renfrew we can help you through the process of your garage conversion.

Nowadays, many people do not make the best use of their home garage this normally acts as an extra storage place for junk so it would be of great benefit to convert it into something useful. In order to start the process of your garage conversion you will only need a building warrant. In order for this to be obtained we would come and do a site survey and from the site survey produce architectural drawings. Once you have them they will be sent to your local council and for people in Renfrew it would be the Renfrewshire Council. Once the drawings have been submitted you should receive your building warrant in around 4 weeks and you can begin converting your garage.

At Archiplan, we will be with you throughout every stage of this process and will be liaising with the local council whilst the building work is being completed to make sure everything is running smoothly and there are no hiccups. If you are in the Renfrew area and feel our service would be useful if you are looking to convert your garage then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.