Building Warrant Drawings Glasgow

Things change, and the requirements of a building may need updated over time. If you have owned your own business or home for a while, you’re going to end up wanting to change your property at some point to keep things fresh. However, if you start the building process without getting proper permission, you could receive a hefty fine. With this in mind it can seem impossible to know where to start, but Archiplan Glasgow can complete building warrant drawings for Glasgow clients, so that they can start their journey towards an improved structure for their home or business.

Prior to the construction of any conversion or extension to a property, it is required that you obtain a building warrant so that you remain compliant with the Building Standards. To aid you in this, we can produce a complete set of drawings a couple of days after carrying out a site measurement survey. However, at Archiplan Glasgow we don’t just complete the initial building warrant drawings to help you along your way in the application process, we will also help to put your entire application together should you wish us to.

In our complete application pack, we will produce a full set of existing scale plans, a set of proposed scale plans, survey maps and the local council’s application form. It’s a nightmare to assemble for anyone not in the know, so this will take away all the stress of applying so that you can instead focus on future plans and the excitement of having your building refreshed and updated.

The entire process through applying through the City Council, in this case Glasgow City Council, will take as long as four to six weeks. Throughout the entirety we will act as your agents, taking care of any issues that may pop up and feeding it all back to you. We will liaise on your behalf, and keep you up to date on any developments with your application.

Our fully comprehensive service will guarantee that you are taken care of. We put our customer first, and believe that communication with our customers is key to a stress free, successful application process. We offer you our expertise from day one, and give you the support you require.

Getting a conversion or extension should be exciting, not stressful. Archiplan Glasgow can give you a hassle-free building warrant application process so that you can instead look forward to the future. So to kick start your application with a building measurement survey and building warrant drawings of your Glasgow property, get in contact with us via phone at 0800 520 0347 or via email at