Loft Conversion Glasgow

If you are looking to add some more space to your home in Glasgow, then a loft conversion may be the way forward. Not only does a loft conversion add valuable space to your home, but they are also very good value for money. An improved storage or living space can increase the price of your property significantly.

However, it is important to keep in mind that your plan to convert your loft may need planning permission or a building warrant granted by your local council. At Archiplan Glasgow, we provide everything you need for planning permission or a building warrant so that you can complete your loft conversion in Glasgow.

Benefits of a loft conversion

As mentioned previously, a loft conversion could add valuable space and also increase the value of your property significantly. There are many other additional benefits that could be reaped with a loft conversion in your home, including the following:


  • Avoid moving costs
    One of the main reasons you may want to move house is to gain extra space for you and your family. However, moving houses comes with many costs. Not only is it expensive, but it can also affect your family.

    Finding a house that you love and the process of moving out can be stressful and sometimes even traumatic. It can add extra time to your commute each day and your children may have to move school. By converting your loft, you can gain more and spend less, and save yourself the stress of moving house.  
  • Get creative
    Converting your loft can be a fun little project for you and your family. You can start from scratch and really make the space your own. Being higher up will give you the opportunity to create a room with a view that overlooks your neighbourhood and beyond. Why not convert your loft into a home cinema or a family games room? The choices are endless!   
  • Energy efficiency
    There are more and more concerns about saving our planet, whilst doing so in a cost effective manner. By converting your loft you can improve your energy efficiency and also save money on your bills. It is a win-win!

It is common that many loft conversions do not require a building warrant or planning permission however, in some cases, it is required. At Archiplan Glasgow we can organise this for you. From start to finish, Archiplan can deal with everything right up until your new space is completely finished.

If planning permission is required, it can weeks from the submission of the original application to the approval of the council for the planning permission to be acquired. Our team at Archiplan Glasgow will carry out everything from the filling out of the application form to communicating with your local city council. During this period, your building warrant will also be processed. If only a building warrant is required then we can sort this out for you and this will only take around 4 weeks.

With most loft conversions, a Structural Engineers Report is required. At Archiplan we also offer structural engineering services that can be of assistance to ensure that your planning permission is granted promptly. If you are thinking about a loft conversion for your Glasgow home and would like to know more about our services then contact us today.

Building Warrant Glasgow

As a homeowner, you may want to do some work to your house at some point in time. However, before any building work commences, you need to ensure that your development plans are compliant with current building regulations by obtaining a building warrant. If you are without a building warrant before you start building work, you could be fined. Although necessary, obtaining a building warrant for building work can be challenging at times. Archiplan Glasgow can complete your building warrant for your home in Glasgow for you, so you don’t have to stress.

In order to obtain a building warrant, you have to apply to your local council’s building standards department. If you are based in Glasgow, then you will have to apply to Glasgow City Council. The application process can be quite lengthy at times, where you will need to fill out an application form and send copies of your home plans.

At Archiplan Glasgow, we can help to put your application together for you. In the complete application pack that we offer, we can create a full set of existing scale plans, a full set of proposed scale plans, ordnance survey maps and also the council’s application form.

These plans will tell Glasgow City Council’s building services department the location of the building work, what the building work will entail and how it will affect any adjoining or existing buildings. All of the drawings that we produce are in full compliance with the current building regulations.

On average, the entire process takes around 4 to 6 weeks. Once your application has been received, your local council will assess it and decide whether or not it meets the Scottish Building Standards. From the moment we begin your application, we will update you every step of the day.

Once your building warrant has been granted, your local council will tell you what you need to do next and will also provide you with your Construction Compliance and Notification Plan (CCNP). The CCNP will inform you when to contact your local Building Standards department and when you will need inspections at different stages of your building work.

From the onset and throughout, Archiplan Glasgow will be your agent, acting on your behalf for all interactions with your local council. Our team at Archiplan Glasgow are highly trained and experienced. We work hard to make sure that you obtain your building warrant as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can get your building work underway. If you are interested in this service or any of our other services or if you have any other general enquiries, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.