Structural Engineering Services Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire is a pleasant part of Scotland to live. There are a variety of fantastic locations; with cities, towns and smaller villages to explore. Not to mention, the housing choices here are vast. It is the perfect place to settle down and start looking for your dream home. The problem with finding your dream home is that you’ll eventually need to adapt it to change with your needs. Unfortunately, changing a building isn’t the easiest of tasks. It’s a process that can be tiresome without expert assistance. Thankfully, the team at Archiplan provides a range of fantastic services that can help you to transform your house. We can help you find top-quality structural engineering services in Renfrewshire.

It would be ideal to find a home that you don’t ever need to change. One that you buy with your family that just so happens to have the perfect amount of room, no matter the situation. Sadly, this is a bit of a pipe dream for most people. Life doesn’t stay the same. There usually comes a point in which you need to change your home or move house. Maybe you are in urgent need of an extra bedroom? Perhaps you need a home office? No matter the reasoning; moving home isn’t the only option open to you. You have spaces in your home that you can transform to meet your needs. A garage or a loft conversion can make all the difference and it isn’t as difficult to achieve as you’d maybe guess.

While it isn’t as difficult as some would assume, that doesn’t mean to say that it is a seamless process. You will at the very least require planning permission and possibly a building warrant. In order to do this, you’ll need to utilise professional help like structural engineering services in Renfrewshire. To obtain planning permission, you need to apply to your local council. It’s usually a six-week process, assuming there aren’t any issues and the paperwork is filled out properly. Archiplan offers a range of services that can help you to adapt your dream home. Our architectural drawing services, site measurement surveys and structural engineering services in Renfrewshire can make the application process so much easier.

Archiplan doesn’t directly offer structural engineering services in Renfrewshire, but we do have the connections required. We have a network of engineers at our fingertips that will be able to provide our clients with a high-quality service. We will help you throughout the entirety of the application process. Whether this is during the initial surveys, paperwork, or liaising with the council of engineers. For more information on our structural engineering services in Renfrewshire, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to answer any queries.

Glasgow Planning Applications

Looking to extend or alter your current property? It is more than likely that you will need some form of planning permission from the local authority. Whether you need planning permission for an extension, garage conversion or a completely new build, at Archiplan Glasgow we provide planning applications across Glasgow to ensure that your property development is compliant with the latest building standards.

Why do you need planning permission?

There are many reasons why you may need planning permission for your property. Essentially, making an alteration to your property may affect its appearance, its size, or it may impact the area that surrounds the property. The council therefore need to ensure that your new development is not going to affect your surrounding neighbours or have any environmental impact. Gaining approval from the local authorities for your property development can often be a lengthy and stressful process.

From start to finish, Archiplan deal with every aspect of the planning permission process so that the new addition to your property can get underway as soon as possible. At Archiplan Glasgow, we offer a fully comprehensive service, offering you advice on what type of planning permission you need and how exactly to go about it. So what is involved in the process and how do Archiplan help? We provide: 


  • Full Site Measurement Surveys
  • Preparation of existing floor and elevation plans
  • Preparation of proposed floor and elevation plan
  • Completion of all application forms
  • Full liaison with the Local Council throughout your application
  • We act as your agent, so essentially you only ever need to deal with us
  • We provide excellent recommendations for Structural Engineers if you need them

At Archiplan Glasgow we deal with everything to take the stress away from you. We offer Planning Permission in Principle (PPP), Full Planning Permission, Building Warrant Applications, Retrospective/Late Building Warrants as well as Structural Engineering Services to suit your property development needs. 

All you need to do is tell us your ideas for your property extension, alteration or whatever it may be, and we will work with these ideas to complete the necessary planning permission to get your new project up and running.

It can take a minimum of 8 weeks for the council to provide feedback and approve your planning permission. This may seem like a while, however throughout the entire duration we are in constant communication with them to answer any questions they may have and to ensure that your application is approved as soon as possible.  Archiplan keep you updated throughout the whole process so that you can track your applications progress.

With many years of experience, the team at Archiplan are experts in their field and have dealt with a variety of cases. Our team can visit your home to answer all of your questions and provide advice for the planning permission process from the outset and throughout.

If you would like to find out more about planning applications in Glasgow or any of the other services provided at Archiplan or if you have any general questions then please do not hesitate to get in contact. You can get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form or simply by giving us a call on 0800 520 0347.

Architectural Services Glasgow

If you happen to reside or work in Glasgow, take a quick look outside your window. Along with a stunning city skyline filled with skyscrapers and gorgeous feats of architectural mastery both new and old, you’ll probably notice there are a lot of cranes. Seriously, the number of construction sites filling the city as of late is overwhelming. While it may not look pretty now, the results will be more than worth it. This is because Glasgow is in a constant state of flux and it’s amazing to see the city grow and expand. While you probably don’t want your home in Glasgow to be converted into a skyscraper, it is very true that homes and families are in a constant of flux as well. If you’re wanting to get into the spirit of the city and improve upon your own home, Archiplan Glasgow can help. We provide architectural drawing services in Glasgow that can greatly assist you during the planning stages.

The structure and needs of a family change over time. It’s a part of life that we all expect but that we do not particularly plan for. You may find that you’re living in a home that was once perfect, but is now lacking a much needed extra bedroom or office. Now we’re not suggesting you knock your home down and start afresh, but you don’t have to move away to get that extra room either. There are probably spaces in your home that a tragically underutilized. The two most common are garages and lofts. It is very often the case that both garages and lofts are neglected and made into junk rooms. However, with our architectural drawing services in Glasgow, we could help you transform that junk room into a functioning bedroom, office, dining room, or even a home gym. The possibilities really are limitless.

Many people don’t begin the process because knowing where to start is extremely difficult. Unless you have guidance; transforming your home can be seen like a gargantuan task that is impossible to overcome. Thankfully, you have teams and people like Archiplan Glasgow to guide you through the process. We can help you obtain planning permission or a building warrant with our architectural drawing services in Glasgow. However, we don’t just stop at providing architectural drawings. Our full applications package comes with everything you need throughout the application process. We’ll even act as a liaison to the local council, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The team at Archiplan have the knowledge and know-how required to complete a fantastic job that will leave you with detailed plans that will help transform your home. Instead of considering moving home, you should consider a garage conversion or a loft conversion. Our architectural drawing services in Glasgow can help you make this option a reality. For more information please feel free to get in contact with us. Our team will be delighted to answer any queries and provide extra guidance about the options for your home. We can be reached on our website, or via the phone on 0800 520 0347.

House Extension Drawings Glasgow

Are you looking for a reliable company who can provide you with house extension drawings in Glasgow? If so then why not check us out. We are a professional company who have been providing house extension drawings to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas now for many years so you can be sure that if you use us that you will be using a company who know what they are doing.

House extensions are a choice for many people for different reasons but probably the most popular reason is to create more space in the property that they live in already. Maybe they want to make their kitchen or bathroom bigger, extend a bedroom or even just want to add another room to their home but whatever your reason is for wanting it we can help you.

Some people automatically think that when they want to create more space that they should move but this isn’t always the case as extensions can be a great add on to your home and they can also save you the upheaval of moving.

We have been providing house extension drawings to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas for many years now so we have plenty of experience in doing so. If this is a service that you require and you contact us to do it for you then you can expect us to provide you with a fully comprehensive service as well as excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on the high standards that we set and maintain and throughout the process of providing you with house extension drawings or any of the other services that we provide in Glasgow we will keep you informed of where we are at.

You can read more about what is involved with house extension drawings on our website. If you do require any further information though or if you have any questions then you can call us and one of our helpful team will be able to help you.

Letter Of Comfort Uddingston

It is more than likely that you will need a letter of comfort if:

  • A building warrant has expired
  • A building warrant isn’t required
  • There has been unauthorised building work carried out


Here at Archi Plan Glasgow, we can help with your application for a letter of comfort.

We will arrange to come out to your home in Uddingston where we will carry out a full measurement survey of your home. We will then produce a set of existing scale drawings and a full set of proposed scale drawings and accompany them with an ordnance survey map that highlights your property.

Keep in mind that after the full survey of your property we may highlight any areas for concern that we feel may need attended to before the council have carried out their final inspection. We do this because it will prevent any un-due delays with the release of the completed letter of comfort.

Once we have produced the drawings we will be able to complete the council’s application form and submit all of the information for review. This process takes around 4 weeks for the council to review, you can also expect the council to come out to your home in Uddingston to inspect it before they release the completed certificate.

The team at Archi Plan Glasgow will always keep you up to date with all of the developments whilst your application goes through. Throughout the entire time we will act as your agent.

Do you need a letter of comfort for your home in Uddingston? If so then get in touch with us today. Just give us a call on 0800 520 0347 or alternatively, you can send us an email at:



Late Building Warrant Strathaven

If you’ve already carried out alterations to your home in Strathaven and you are trying to sell your home then it’s more than likely that your lawyer will ask you to obtain a late building warrant if you haven’t already.

It’s becoming very common for people in Strathaven to have building work carried out to their properties without them even knowing that they have to get a building warrant.

At our company, we specialise in late building warrants and have done so for several years now.

Our process starts off with us coming out to your home in Strathaven. At this point, we will carry out a full measurement survey of your home and we’ll give you a free quote for the service.

If you would like us to proceed then we will get started on producing a set of existing scale drawings and a full set of proposed scale drawings. These will then be accompanied by an ordnance survey map that highlights your property and the application form will then be ready to be completed and submitted for review.

Generally, it takes approximately 4 weeks for the council to review your plans and to arrange to carry out a site inspection, this is followed by the release of the completion certificate.

Our team will always keep you up to date with all developments whilst your application goes through the process.

You can arrange for a member of our team to come out to your home in Strathaven by giving us a call on 0800 520 0347 or by emailing us at –


Loft Conversions East Kilbride

People in East Kilbride may look to extend their homes for different reasons like needing more space or to add value to their home. There are some different options available to them but perhaps one of the most common options is a loft conversion. People may opt for this rather than the upheaval of moving house.

When people enquire about loft conversions in East Kilbride there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration, these include:

  • head height
  • roof structure
  • water tanks
  • chimney stacks
  • budget

If you have a property that you would like a loft conversion in firstly what you could do is contact someone who can prepare drawings and designs for your conversion. This professional can also help and advise in obtaining the necessary permission (if required) and then go on to help you to find someone suitable to carry out the actual work.

Here at Archiplan Glasgow we can take care of the full process for you, providing you with a professional service from start to finish. We have a strong focus on customer service and look to make your experience of using us one that is straightforward and simple. Due to having numerous years experience behind us, we fully understand the process involved in loft conversions.

If you use us for your loft conversion in East Kilbride, the first thing we will do is come out to your property to visit to answer any questions you may have and offer advice. If you then decide to use us we will come out and carry out a full building measurement survey of your existing home. An accurate drawing of your property as it stands at present is the starting point and from here we will take on board your ideas before going on to develop and design these ideas and produce a full set of proposed plans which will be completed using our CAD facilities.

At every step of the way we will keep you informed on where we are at. If you require the services of our professional staff then why not contact us today, we would be more than happy to help.

Planning An Extension Glasgow

a extensionsAre you planning an extension for your home in Glasgow? An extension is considered to be permitted development, meaning that it doesn’t require planning permission; provided that it’s within a specific criteria.

Although planning permission isn’t required, most extensions require approval under the Building Regulations. That’s where we come in.

Here at Archi Plan Glasgow, we can help when planning an extension. We are able to help you by offering a local, professional service which will in turn save you hundreds of pounds.

We are able to offer you plans that you can use when you are applying for a building warrant. Our service involves:

  • A full site measurement survey being carried out
  • Preparing existing floor and elevation plans
  • Preparing proposed floor and elevation plans
  • Completing all application forms
  • Liaising with the local council throughout your application
  • Acting as your agent, meaning that you don’t have to speak to your local council
  • Recommending structural engineers if they are required


The benefit of using us when planning an extension is that we are able to review your builders’ quotes for the new building works and offer advice as well as explain the terminology that is used on the quotes before any work is required. This is beneficial as it means that you’ll fully understand what your builder has priced you for and it’ll also make sure that the builders have digested our drawings correctly. This part of our service is completely free as we have a high focus on achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Our team are able to recommend an approved builder to carry out the work if you require us to do so. This will ensure that the builder(s) you are hiring are highly skilled and experienced in building house extensions.

Here at Archi Plan Glasgow, we promote a fixed fee, with us offering good value for money without there being any hidden costs. The only costs that are ever above our fixed fee is what you have to pay the council – this is known as the application fee which can be found on your local council’s website along with any structural engineering reports that you may need if there are any major structural alterations taking place.

If you are planning an extension then get in touch with us today to discuss what we can offer. Simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347 or email us at:




Loft Extension Plans Glasgow

a loft conversionConverting your loft into a useable room can be an effective way of adding value to your home and increasing your liveable space – whether it be making it into another bedroom, an office or a gym.

Extending your loft can be a complicated process and it may need planning permission if you where to extend or alter the roof space that exceeds specific limits and conditions. A building warrant will also be necessary.

Here at our company we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to loft extensions and can put together plans for your planning permission and/or building warrant application.

All of the plans are completed by our highly skilled staff who make use of CAD facilities – facilities that allow for accurate drawings to be produced.

In order for us to start any loft extension plans it is important that we are able to come out to your property in Glasgow to discuss your ideas and to take a look at the loft itself. We need to take some measurements of your loft and take details of what you are looking to have extended where the loft is concerned. After we have done so we will then be able to start your drawings.

We regularly have homeowners in Glasgow who think that loft extension plans are going to cost them an arm and a leg, this isn’t the case as our loft extension plans are very affordable.

The benefit of using us for loft extension plans is that we will act as your agent, meaning that we will be speaking to your local authority on your behalf; taking the stress out of you doing it yourself.

For more information on our loft extension plans or to arrange for our team to come out to your home in Glasgow to take down some details and to give you a free quote, simply give us a call today on 0800 520 0347.



Conservatory Planning Lanarkshire

a conservatorysPlanning permission focuses on the way that your conservatory is developed in the sense of the appearance of it, the use of land and landscaping considerations and the impact that the development will have on the environment whilst building regulations sets the standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety for people in and nearby the conservatory.

Before you start planning for a conservatory it’s worth making sure that you’ve complied with all of the relevant regulations. This is where we come in.

We are able to come out to your home in Lanarkshire and give you advice on whether or not you need planning permission or a building warrant based on what you want your conservatory to be built like. There are cases in which you don’t need planning permission or a building warrant if your conservatory falls under specific conditions, we’ll advise you on this.

If your requirements do require planning permission or a building warrant then we’ll take some measurements and give you a free quote. If your then happy to go ahead then we’ll arrange to get started on drawing up your plans for the planning permission/building warrant application.

When we are drawing up plans for a conservatory we’ll use the latest CAD facilities, these facilities allow us to produce plans that are accurate and very precise. During the process we can act on your behalf which would mean that we’d speak to your local council in Lanarkshire, this will keep you up to date with the progress of your application(s) and it’ll also mean that you can return to your day to day activities.

Each member of our team that uses our CAD facilities has been trained to a high standard, so you can expect only a professional service from our team. If you have any questions at any stage of your application or before we start the service then feel free to ask us, we’d be more than happy to help in anyway that we can.

To arrange for our team to come out to your home in Lanarkshire simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347.