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Letter Of Comfort Strathaven

A letter of comfort is required when work has been carried out without the required consent. It’s more than likely that you will need a letter of comfort if you are intending on selling your home as your lawyer will need it to complete the sale of your property. It is becoming more and more […]

Building Warrant Drawings Bishopbriggs

If you’re looking to extend your building or add on conversions, you are going to need to obtain a building warrant. A building warrant is a legal permission to undertake construction works on your building. It’s not as simple as going to the council and asking the receptionist if it’s okay if you add on […]

Loft Conversion Architectural Plans Glasgow

Glasgow is a heavily populated city and that is never more apparent than during this time of year where everyone is scrambling to find Christmas gifts. The streets are crowded and make for a claustrophobic experience. You definitely don’t want to come home to space that feels equally as claustrophobic. Sadly, extra space doesn’t just […]

Loft Conversion Architectural Plans Paisley

A loft conversion can totally transform your house, both in terms of value and space. According to the homeowners alliance, a loft conversion can add up to 20% to the overall value of your property. It’s a good way of expanding your home to meet various changes without having to go through the expensive and […]

Building Warrant Drawings Glasgow

Things change, and the requirements of a building may need updated over time. If you have owned your own business or home for a while, you’re going to end up wanting to change your property at some point to keep things fresh. However, if you start the building process without getting proper permission, you could […]

Loft Conversion Glasgow

If you are looking to add some more space to your home in Glasgow, then a loft conversion may be the way forward. Not only does a loft conversion add valuable space to your home, but they are also very good value for money. An improved storage or living space can increase the price of […]

Building Warrant Glasgow

As a homeowner, you may want to do some work to your house at some point in time. However, before any building work commences, you need to ensure that your development plans are compliant with current building regulations by obtaining a building warrant. If you are without a building warrant before you start building work, […]

Planning Permission Glasgow

When considering a new extension or conversion to your property a building warrant will always be required. After submitting your planning permission application to the Glasgow authorities it can take eight to ten weeks for a decision to be issued. Archiplan Glasgow remain in consistent contact with the council throughout this time whilst ensuring to deliver […]

Late Building Warrant Renfrewshire

A late building warrant may be required due to alterations being carried out to your home without the appropriate consent. At the time you maybe weren’t aware of what was needed when it came to making changes to your home in Renfrewshire, maybe you had a loft or garage conversion done or an en-suite added […]

Building Warrant Applications Paisley

  If you live in Paisley and you are looking to make moderations to your home then you may well find that you need to apply for a building warrant as that is the legal permission required to begin building works. Building warrant applications are required for the change of use of a property, alterations, […]