Garage Conversion Paisley

Everyones wish is always to have that bit more space in their house. However, not everyone has the money to upgrade and move to a bigger house. There are plenty of other ways to increase your living space though, a garage conversion being a great way. Here at Archiplan, we can assist you through the whole process of a garage conversion if you live in the Paisley area enabling you to have a whole lot more space in your home.

Lots of houses come with garages, however, most of them are not made full use of. Loads of people use them for storage of old items that they never even use therefore don’t make the most of the space that is there. In order to get a garage conversion what you need is a building warrant and at Archiplan, after an initial survey of the site, we can produce the architectural drawings required for you to obtain the building warrant. This process wouldn’t take too long it would take around 4 weeks to have your building warrant granted in order for you to get to work on the garage.

Getting the building warrant to convert your garage would open up a huge amount of space that you could do a whole lot with. You could use it for keeping fit or getting fit adding in a treadmill or other forms of fitness equipment. It could also be great for social gatherings you could add in a bar and some seats and have your own personal space where you can relax with friends and enjoy a drink.

If you are in the Paisley area and would like to find out more about how Archiplan can help you get a garage conversion or if you would like to make an appointment for us to come out and do a survey of the site then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Building Warrant Paisley

Like most other areas in Scotland, Paisley is a big town that is constantly growing and improving constantly. If you have an office or even a house in Paisley then you may want to continue to go and improve with the town. In order to do work on your building then you have to have a building warrant although this may sound like a daunting thought it is actually very simple and here at Archiplan, we can help you through the process of getting a building warrant.

Firstly, you would need to go to your local council, which would be the Renfrewshire Council if you lived in the Paisley area. You will need to also fill out application forms along with drawings of your building plans. At Archiplan we can sort out your application forms for you as well as giving you a full-scale drawing of your proposed plans and also a full-scale drawing of your existing building.

Once you have submitted your application forms as well as your drawings the process should take between around 4 and 6 weeks for the council to come back and tell you whether you have been granted a building warrant or not. Throughout the process, we will be in contact with the council and will provide you with regular updates as soon as we receive them.

Once your building warrant has been approved the council will be in contact and provide you with the next steps to take. They will provide you with your Construction Compliance and Notification Plan. The Construction Compliance and Notification Plan will then inform you when to contact your local Building Standards as your work will need to be inspected as various stages throughout your process.

From the get-go, our highly experienced team at  Archiplan will be working on behalf of you, liaising with your local council to get the process of granting you a building warrant done as quickly and efficiently as possible to enable you to begin with your improvements to your building.

If you are in the Paisley area and would like to find out more or would like to book an appointment to speak to one of our team then please do not hesitate to get in contact.



Garage Conversion Greenock


Nowadays, everyone is needing more space in their house. However, for a lot of people that is not possible due to financial restrictions meaning you will have to put dreams of an extension or a move to a bigger house on hold. There are other ways to create more space in your house though such as getting a garage conversion. Although this would cost you it would be nowhere near the cost of an extension or even having to move. Here at Archiplan, our team have years of dealing with things such as garage conversions and provide a great service to the people in the Greenock area.

Garage conversions are a great way of creating more space and there is a number of things you could convert it into such as things like a home office or if you are feeling adventurous then maybe a gym or a bar. Our experienced team can do the architectural drawings as well as filling out any forms to help you get the building warrant that’s needed. The building warrant is much easier to obtain than planning permission and only takes 4 weeks to be granted so once we help you fill out your forms and your warrant is granted then you should be good to go and get started.

Not only would you have a lot more space with your garage being converted but you would also have a luxurious garage whether it be an office, gym or bar which would add value to your home if you ever do decide to up sticks and move on. The conversion of your garage opens up a whole variety of options and possibilities for you and your family.

If you are in the Greenock area and would like to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are now taking appointments on evenings and weekends to help accommodate the client’s needs.

Loft Conversion Renfrewshire


Unless you are living in a top of the range 6 bedroom house the likelihood is that you will want more space in your house. There could be many reasons for this such as wanting to expand your family or siblings being too old to share a room. Most people look to things such as extensions or at buying a bigger house when in actual fact the answer could be right in front of you. Loft Conversions are a great way to expand your home and give you that extra room in your house. This is a much cheaper way of expanding your home rather than paying for an extension or purchasing a dearer house. Here at Archiplan, our team can help you get permission if you are looking for a loft conversion in the Renfrewshire area.

Loft conversions are not as complicated to get permission for as they once were. Now all you would need is a building warrant however if you were to need planning permission then not to worry as the team at Archiplan will happily assist you throughout this process. Here at Archiplan, our aim is to make the process of a loft conversion as simple as possible. We would begin with an initial assessment and would stay with you throughout the whole process. As well as providing detailed architectural drawings we also fill in all of your planning forms and can be in contact with the local council if need be.

Adding this extra space to your house can add value to your home so if there ever comes a time where you feel it is time to move on your house will be of more value with the loft conversion in place. If you are in the Renfrewshire area and would like to find out more or would like to get the process of your loft conversion underway then please get in contact where one of our team will be happy to help.

Architectural Services Paisley


In the town of Paisley, there are numerous wonderfully designed buildings that are a result of great pieces of architecture. Places such as the Abbey or the Town Hall are fantastic buildings as well as these there and numerous new up to date buildings which are also stunningly designed as the town continues to grow and expand. Not on as big of a scale but like the town but homes and families are continually expanding. If you are in the Paisley area and are looking to expand then Archiplan is the company to help you.

At Archiplan we provide an architectural drawing service to people in Paisley if you are looking to expand your home. There are a few ways to do this such as a loft conversion or a garage conversion both of these are ideal for giving you that extra space in your house. Our drawings could help turn that unused garage or loft into things such as bedrooms or an office or if you would really like to push the boat out you could end up with a games room or even a home gym.

The problem people have when trying to convert their loft or garage is they don’t know where to begin or what kind of permission they need to do so. As well as providing the architectural drawings at Archiplan we also take care of any applications needed for these conversions as well as leasing with the council so you wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

Our team at Archiplan has numerous years of experience of dealing with these transformations and our amazing drawings will leave you delighted with your new-look home. This saves you going through the process of trying to find a new house and also would add value to your current home with having this type of work done.

If you are in the Paisley area and are interested in our Architectural services or would like to find out more then please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team.

Structural Engineering Services Paisley

Despite not being one of the widely renowned cities of Scotland, Paisley is, nonetheless, a fantastic place to live. Especially right now. In 2015, the town began its journey towards becoming the UK City of Culture in 2021. Unfortunately, this is a bid that was lost to the city of Coventry in 2017. However, the Renfrewshire Council has pledged to not give up and the regeneration of the city is still underway. It is the perfect time for residents and businesses owners of the city to get with the spirit of change and improve upon their own individual residence. Archiplan Glasgow is here to help you rejuvenate your building and we can point you in the right direction toward fantastic structural engineering services in Paisley.

Admittedly, rejuvenating your building is a bit of a process. You can’t just decide on a whim to change your building and hire a construction crew the next day. You need to obtain planning permission and building warrants in order to get significant work completed. We do understand that this can be off-putting for some. The effort of going through the application process can seem like it’s not worth it. However, we can assure you that it is. Instead of having to move premises for more space, you can make simple additions to your building. This can take the form of a garage conversion, a loft conversion or even an extension. All have their benefits and some do take a little more effort and budget, but they all can leave you with a building that grows with your family or business.

Archiplan Glasgow offers a vast range of services that can help you start your journey towards transforming your home or business. We can help you obtain the permissions and paperwork required in order to begin construction. Not only do we provide architectural drawings, but we will also help you fill out the application and act as your liaison to the local council. Our structural engineering services in Paisley can help speed up the process significantly. When your building warrant application is in the process of being reviewed, the local council will often ask for a structural engineers report. This is a normal request, but admittedly a bit of a pain if you don’t have a network of engineers are your fingertips. Thankfully for our clients, Archiplan Glasgow has a wide network of structural engineers who can complete this work. We can liaise with them on your behalf, making the application process even easier.

Archiplan has the connections and the knowledge required to offer a fantastic structural engineering service in Paisley. You don’t have to worry about any of the technical details. Instead, you can sit back and look forward to your transformed home or business. For more information on our services, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to offer advice or guidance on options for your building. We can be reached on our website or via phone on 0800 520 0347.

Loft Conversion Architectural Plans Lanarkshire

Everything changes. While humans are naturally creatures of habit, life progresses and your desires and needs transform over time. What was once a perfect home, may end up being too cramped for your needs. Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to give up on your house. There are many options available for those who are willing to adapt their home to meet their new requirements. We can help you to change your home by offering loft conversion architectural plans in Lanarkshire. The process of getting the home of your dreams will be made so much easier as we will help throughout the entirety of the application process.

Lanarkshire is the most populous county within Scotland and holds host to some fantastic cities. Who wouldn’t want to live alongside the River Clyde? There are a range of gorgeous properties available for sale and if you manage to nab one, you won’t want to let it go. You may worry about committing to a mortgage because you are unsure about the future. What if you suddenly end up having three children? Will there still be enough room in a stunning three bedroom house? Thankfully, a garage or loft conversion is a fantastic solution to problems such as these. You’ll suddenly have an extra room to play with that you can transform into an extra bedroom, home office or playroom.

The bad news is that nothing good comes without effort. Loft conversions don’t just magically happen. Fortunately, the team at Archiplan are ready, willing and able to help you with our loft conversion architectural plans in Lanarkshire. When it comes to loft conversions, you usually won’t require a set of planning permissions. However, you will need a building warrant. It usually takes around about 4 – 6 weeks for a building warrant to be issued if the application is filled out correctly. Along with the loft conversion architectural plans, Lanarkshire residents can benefit from our assistance throughout the entire application process. We can act as your liaisons so that you don’t have to worry about a single aspect.

After a survey, which usually takes an hour, it usually takes us about two days to have your accurate loft conversion architectural plans complete. We will then help you fill out and complete the requirements of your application and keep in constant dialogue with the council on your behalf. Archiplan is compliant with the latest Construction Legislation, Health and Safety Regulations, so you can be sure you’ll have a successful conversion at the end of the process. For more information on our loft conversion architectural plans in Lanarkshire, please feel free to get in contact. We’ll be happy to help.

Garage Conversion Architectural Plans Glasgow

If you have a garage in Glasgow it is highly likely that you aren’t storing a family car in it. In most cases, a garage is used as a glorified cupboard or storage facility. It’s easy to do. It’s an empty space that doesn’t really have much use otherwise. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. A garage conversion could leave you with an extra room to place with instead of a large cupboard. It’s relatively simple to achieve as well, especially with Archiplan’s assistance. We provide clients with garage conversion architectural plans in Glasgow so as to help with the application process. You’ll have a new room to transform into whatever you desire.

Our garage conversion architectural plans in Glasgow can help you with a garage conversion application, but you may be wondering if it is worth the effort. Short answer; it is. There are a ton of benefits to having a garage conversion done, some which you may not have considered. For example, a converted garage can add value to your home. According to, converting your garage can add up to 20 percent value to your home, which is an amazing increase considering the space was previously used to store miscellaneous junk. You can utilise the space to make an extra bedroom, a gym, a home office or even a dining room. The possibilities are endless.

As great as this all sounds, it does take a little effort to make it happen. While it is the case that you probably won’t need planning permission, you will need a building warrant. That’s where our garage conversion architectural plans in Glasgow come in handy. They are a necessary requirement of the application. However, Archiplan is willing and able to help you throughout the entire process. We can help you assemble all of the required elements and will even act as your liaison to the council throughout the 4 – 6 week application period.

Once you get in contact, we can usually do a site survey the next day. This usually takes an hour. Following this, it will usually take us a couple of days to complete your accurate garage conversion architectural plans. Glasgow residents can then benefit from our services as we help you fill the application and keep in constant contact dialogue with the council for you. We have ensured that we’ve kept compliant with the latest Construction, Legislation, Health and Safety Regulations, so you can feel rest assured that you’ll get the process hassle-free. You’ll be able to enjoy your new garage conversion in no time at all. For more information on our services, please feel free to get in contact.

Garage Conversion Planning Permission Glasgow

A home is a constant work in progress. No one is ever entirely satisfied with their home. This is arguably a good thing, otherwise, what would you have to work towards. Over time, the needs of your home change and you often need to make physical changes to accommodate this. For example, it’s usually the case that everyone is hunting for just a little more space. Maybe you want a home office? Perhaps you are in need of an extra bedroom. Either way, a garage conversion is a great option for you. Archiplan can help you obtain garage conversion planning permission in Glasgow. Our experts know all the steps and all that is required, so you don’t have to stress over it.

It’s very often the case that if your home has come equipped with a garage, that it is not used to store cars. Truthfully, if you’re working early in the morning, the hassle of a garage just isn’t worth it. We’ve found that they’re usually delegated towards holding decades worth of useless junk that has been kept ‘just in case.’Spoiler alert; you’re never going to use that PC from the 90s. No, not even for parts. It’s just going to sit there, taking up valuable space. A garage conversion, then, is a great excuse to let go of some trash in the name of making more room.

Once a garage conversion has taken place, you’ll be the proud owner of a slightly larger house. The extra room can be an office, bedroom, dining room or even a gym. This is great as ordinarily, you would have to go to the bother of moving out in order to gain any of these extra amenities. It’s a hassle-free expansion and finding anything that is hassle-free in this day and age is really a blessing. We at Archiplan believe that you should definitely take advantage.

Sadly, you’ll still need a building warrant, and they don’t just magically appear when needed. Luckily, Archiplan can provide you with everything you need to obtain garage conversion planning permission. Following an initial site survey, we’ll produce accurate and detailed drawings and plans. We’ll then continue to help you throughout the application process. Usually, obtaining garage conversion planning permission takes up to four weeks, so you won’t have to wait long until work can begin on your brand-new room.

A garage conversion can open up a room full of possibilities. For more information on how we can help you get garage conversion planning permission, please feel free to get in contact. The team at Archiplan will be delighted to help you.

Garage Conversion Application Glasgow

If we’re being honest, garages are increasingly becoming less storage space for cars and more of a home for junk. Items you rarely use are left to decay in a tragically underutilised space. This doesn’t have to be the case. A garage conversion can breathe new life into your home. Suddenly, you’ll have a new room which you can convert into an office, a bedroom or even a home gym. To help you on your way to easily expand your home, Archiplan can help you with your garage conversion application in Glasgow. We’ll provide you with the support you need so that the process is seamless.

Benefits to converting your garage

If you’re in need of some extra space, a garage conversion can be a fantastic solution. Not everyone has the funds to move home when they need the extra room. Not everyone wants to move also. Fortunately, a garage conversion is significantly cheaper and it can make a huge impact. You’ll have a full empty room to transform into whatever you want. You can remain in your current address and not have to worry about stressing over the process of moving. Additionally, if you were to move from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom house, you would most likely go up a council tax band. However, this is not the case when it comes to garage conversion. The council tax band will be left unaffected.

Best of all, the benefits literally outweigh the costs. Converting your garage into a room that is habitable usually adds more value to your home than the cost of the project.

How Archiplan Glasgow can help

In order to convert your garage into a fresh new space, you’re first going to have to obtain permission. You will need to get a building warrant before any work will be able to begin. Archiplan can help you achieve the results you want with minimum stress. We primarily specialise in providing our clients with detailed and accurate building warrant drawings. However, we do offer a fully comprehensive service. This means that we are happy to help you throughout the entire process of the garage conversion application in Glasgow.

After an initial visit to your home, we will offer you a free consultation on how best to proceed. If you decide to continue working with the team at Archiplan, we will then measure your home and complete the drawings. Our expert team will then develop a full set of proposed plans using our specialised CAD facilities and equipment. You won’t have to worry about a thing. We will act as your liaison with the council and will deal with any issues that may occur.

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