Garage Conversion Greenock


Nowadays, everyone is needing more space in their house. However, for a lot of people that is not possible due to financial restrictions meaning you will have to put dreams of an extension or a move to a bigger house on hold. There are other ways to create more space in your house though such as getting a garage conversion. Although this would cost you it would be nowhere near the cost of an extension or even having to move. Here at Archiplan, our team have years of dealing with things such as garage conversions and provide a great service to the people in the Greenock area.

Garage conversions are a great way of creating more space and there is a number of things you could convert it into such as things like a home office or if you are feeling adventurous then maybe a gym or a bar. Our experienced team can do the architectural drawings as well as filling out any forms to help you get the building warrant that’s needed. The building warrant is much easier to obtain than planning permission and only takes 4 weeks to be granted so once we help you fill out your forms and your warrant is granted then you should be good to go and get started.

Not only would you have a lot more space with your garage being converted but you would also have a luxurious garage whether it be an office, gym or bar which would add value to your home if you ever do decide to up sticks and move on. The conversion of your garage opens up a whole variety of options and possibilities for you and your family.

If you are in the Greenock area and would like to find out more then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are now taking appointments on evenings and weekends to help accommodate the client’s needs.