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Damp Surveys Glasgow

Damp can fall into a number of different categories. These are as follows: Rising dampness Condensation Penetrating dampness Tramatic dampness . Rising Dampness This is usually when there is a sign of a damp patch on one of your internal walls. Typically, this is often combined with there being damage to the skirting boards and […]

Late Building Warrant Lanarkshire

If you’ve carried out alterations to your property and you are now trying to sell your home then you might find that your lawyer has asked you for the completion certificate for the alterations. If you don’t already have a building warrant for your home in Lanarkshire then we can help you. There are late […]

Letter Of Comfort Lanarkshire

You and other homeowners in Lanarkshire might need a letter of comfort when: There has been unauthorised building work A building warrant has expired A building warrant is not required . When you are applying for a letter of comfort adequate, detailed drawings that show full compliance may be required. That’s where we come in. […]

Letter Of Comfort Glasgow

A letter of comfort is a letter from Glasgow City Council that states that action won’t be taken in regards of specified works that have either: Been started without the required building warrant being obtained Been carried out with a building warrant but there was no certificate of completion obtained before the warrant expired . […]

Late Building Warrant Glasgow

Have you carried out any alterations to your home in Glasgow? You may well be in the position where you are selling your home now or in the future and need a late building warrant. A late building warrant, otherwise known as a letter of comfort is required where there has been work started without […]

Retrospective Permission Glasgow

Planning Permission & Retrospective Planning As you may know, planning permission is the legal process that is followed in order to decide whether proposed developments should be allowed to be started. You will have to get planning permission before any work is started. Retrospective planning can be put in place if the required permission is not sought […]

Retrospective Planning Glasgow

If you fail to obtain planning permission or comply with the details of a permission then it’s known as a planning breach. Typically a planning breach occurs when: A development that requires planning permission has been undertaken without the permission being granted. This could be because the planning application was either refused or wasn’t even […]

Conservatory Plans Strathaven

For you to be able to meet the government’s conditions for a conservatory you must be in certain limits. For example no more than half of the area of land around the original house (a house that was first built or was as it stood on 1 July 1948 if it was built before that […]

Semi Detached Extension Plans Strathaven

Planning permission and building warrants If you own a semi detached house and you are considering building an extension then you may need planning permission and a building warrant depending on what your requirements are. Without the necessary permission it could end up that you have to demolish the extension. Archi Plan Glasgow At Archi […]

Loft Conversion Plans Strathaven

Converting your loft into a usable room can be a cost-effective way of adding both value to your home and increasing your livable space whether it be to use that space as an extra bedroom, as an office, as a gym or even as a place where you can relax in your spare time. It […]