Building Warrant Renfrewshire


Now we are at the start of a new decade you might want to change things up and move with the times. Whether this is expanding your office or your house. In order to do the expansion work, you need what is called a building warrant. This sounds like a long drawn out process when in fact it is relatively straightforward and here at Archiplan we can assist the people in the Renfrewshire area throughout the process of obtaining a building warrant.

First of all, you would need to get in contact with your local council which for people living in Renfrewshire would be the Renfrewshire Council. Here you would be given application forms to fill out as well as having to submit initial drawings of your building plans. This is where Archiplan would come in as well as filling out your application forms we would also give you full-scale drawings of your proposed building work as well as full-scale drawings of your existing building.

Once your drawings and application forms have been submitted your building warrant should take around 4-6 weeks to be approved and throughout this process, we will liaise with the council and get back to you as regularly as possible with updates. All going well your building warrant should be granted and once it is your council will provide you with The Construction Compliance and Notification Plan. This is simply just informing you to contact Building Standards as throughout your building work they will need to inspect the work done to make sure it meets the safety standards.

Once your building warrant has been approved and you have the Construction Compliance and Notification Plan then you are free to start your building work. Throughout the building work, we will be there for you whether it be speaking to the council or building standards we are more than happy to assist you through the whole process.

If you are in the Renfrewshire area and would like help obtaining a building warrant or would like to find out more about how to go about getting one then please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of our team will be happy to help.