Conservatory Planning Permission Glasgow

a conservatorysMany people in Glasgow add a conservatory to their property because it adds more habitable floor space to your home and is an investment that can add a considerable sum to the value of your property.

There is a chance that your conservatory may fall within the new permitted development guidelines, however, this can have strict limitations and as a result you may still require planning permission for your new conservatory. Here at Archi Plan Glasgow we are able to deal with planning permission so that you can achieve the required local council approvals.

You will always require a building warrant for your new conservatory, this is something that we are also able to deal with and is a fairly straightforward process.

We are able to arrange an initial meeting where we will complete a survey of your home to establish whether or not you will need planning permission. If you do then we can discuss the plans in greater depth along with the cost of our service.

If planning permission is required for your conservatory then you can expect this to take up to 10 weeks from the submission of your original application to the stage where it will be granted. This is because the council generally put these applications through a rigorous screening and approval process. We will be in communication with you the full time and will keep you up to date with your applications at all times.

We are completely flexible when it comes to the initial meeting for conservatory planning permission drawings so we are able to work out of hours to accommodate for you. This means that both evening and weekend appointments are available.

To arrange for us to come out to your property in Glasgow for an initial meeting then just get in touch with us. We will then discuss your requirements and work out the most convenient time and date for your needs.