Conservatory Plans Lanarkshire

a conservatorysHaving a conservatory at your home in Lanarkshire allows you to make the most of the weather and brings the garden into your house. It adds extra space to your home and can even add value to your property, so if you were to go and sell your property you’d get more money back.

Planning permission and building regulations can be a concern when it comes to building a conservatory. There are new regulations that came into effect that mean that adding a conservatory to your home is considered to be a permitted development, therefore meaning that it doesn’t need an application for planning permission; having said this it’s subject to a range of limits and conditions.

When it comes to building regulations conservatories are normally exempt, however, like planning permission this is subject to meeting a number of conditions.

Here at Archi Plan Glasgow, we specialise in conservatory plans meaning that we’re highly knowledgeable when it comes to whether or not you’ll meet the criteria for not needing planning permission or a building warrant. With years of experience in making conservatory plans, you can be confident that we’re professionals in this area of expertise.

When you contact us you can expect our team to visit your home in Lanarkshire. At this point they’ll discuss your ideas and take some measurements from you. You’ll be given a free quote for plans if you need them too, this way you’ll know exactly what our plans will cost before we get started.

If you agree to use us on your behalf then we’ll act as your agent, liaising with your local council in Lanarkshire on your behalf. This is beneficial because it means that it’s a stress free process for you and you’ll simply be kept up to date with the stage that your application is at.

For more information on the conservatory plans we can offer, simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347.