Damp Surveys Lanarkshire

Homeowners are often concerned when dampness appears at their homes in Lanarkshire.

There are so many different types of dampness, meaning that there are different ways that it has to be treated. The different types of dampness is as follows:

  • Rising dampness
  • Condensation
  • Penetrating dampness
  • Tramatic dampness


Rising dampness – This is usually a damp patch appearing on an internal wall. This is often combined with damage to the skirting boards and decoration. The result of this rising damp is structural damage to the interior walls.

Condensation – Your windows will start to steam up when the climate changes which results in condensation and mould growth.

Penetrating dampness – This occurs when moisture seeps in from the external walls to the internal walls. This is usually caused by construction that has failed and that has occurred at a high level of the property.

Tramatic dampness – This can be the cause of a leaking pipe, drain, tank or even a radiator. This is when water is soaked up by the building fabric like a sponge, with the size of the patch steadily increasing as more water is absorbed.

If you have a property in Lanarkshire and you have any concerns at all about dampness then you should come to us.

We are able to arrange for a building surveyor to come out to your home to carry out a damp survey. The surveyor will come out, carry out the damp survey and then report back to you with the findings.

To arrange for a qualified building surveyor to come out to your home in Lanarkshire to carry out a damp survey, simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347.