Letter Of Comfort Ayrshire

At times we get people in Ayrshire who are looking to sell their home coming to us looking for a letter of comfort or a retrospective building warrant. A letter of comfort is needed when work has been carried out already without the required consent. Sometimes people get an idea in their head to convert their loft or garage or add in an en-suite and before they know it they have went ahead and haven’t even given a thought to the paperwork which may have been required before the work went ahead. It’s only when they go to sell and they are asked for the completion certificate for the work that has been done that they may panic and realise they didn’t get the appropriate permission.

In order for the sale of your house to go ahead you will have to obtain the appropriate paperwork and that is where we come in and provide you with a letter of comfort. Other reasons why you may require a letter of comfort could be because a building warrant has expired or because a building warrant wasn’t required.

If your are in this situation and haven’t obtained a building warrant prior to commencing any works to your home in Ayrshire then contact us today. We will come out to your property and carry out a full measurement survey and from this we will produce a set of existing scale drawings as well as a full set of proposed scale drawings and accompany them with an ordnance survey map which will highlight your property. We will also complete the application form for the council for you and submit all information for review.

When you come to us you can be certain that you are choosing professionals who know what they are doing. We have years of experience so you can trust that you are in good hands

If you live in Ayrshire and require a letter of comfort then get in touch with us today.