Conservatory Planning Lanarkshire

a conservatorysPlanning permission focuses on the way that your conservatory is developed in the sense of the appearance of it, the use of land and landscaping considerations and the impact that the development will have on the environment whilst building regulations sets the standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety for people in and nearby the conservatory.

Before you start planning for a conservatory it’s worth making sure that you’ve complied with all of the relevant regulations. This is where we come in.

We are able to come out to your home in Lanarkshire and give you advice on whether or not you need planning permission or a building warrant based on what you want your conservatory to be built like. There are cases in which you don’t need planning permission or a building warrant if your conservatory falls under specific conditions, we’ll advise you on this.

If your requirements do require planning permission or a building warrant then we’ll take some measurements and give you a free quote. If your then happy to go ahead then we’ll arrange to get started on drawing up your plans for the planning permission/building warrant application.

When we are drawing up plans for a conservatory we’ll use the latest CAD facilities, these facilities allow us to produce plans that are accurate and very precise. During the process we can act on your behalf which would mean that we’d speak to your local council in Lanarkshire, this will keep you up to date with the progress of your application(s) and it’ll also mean that you can return to your day to day activities.

Each member of our team that uses our CAD facilities has been trained to a high standard, so you can expect only a professional service from our team. If you have any questions at any stage of your application or before we start the service then feel free to ask us, we’d be more than happy to help in anyway that we can.

To arrange for our team to come out to your home in Lanarkshire simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347.