Conservatory Plans Glasgow

a conservatorysFor a lot of people in Glasgow, planning permission and building regulations can be a concern when planning a conservatory. At our company we are able to provide conservatory plans so that you can enjoy the exciting parts of researching your conservatory – such as the style of conservatory you will have and how you’ll use the space.

Planning permission and building regulations are often confused for each other. Both are the responsibility of the local authority, however, planning permission takes into consideration the aesthetic effect of a new building on the surrounding homes/neighbours whilst building regulations defines how the structure must be constructed.

There are new regulations that have came into effect which means that adding a conservatory to your home is considered to be permitted development, therefore meaning that it doesn’t need an application for planning permission – this is subject to a range of different limits and conditions. Building regulations will generally apply however, conservatories are also exempt from this if they meet a number of conditions.

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to planning permission and building regulations and can tell you whether or not you need to have planning permission or a building warrant for your conservatory to be built.

If you do then we are able to arrange to come out to your home in Glasgow to discuss your requirements and to take accurate measurements of where you want your conservatory to be and what size you want it to be. At this point you’ll receive a free quotation for the work that needs carried out to put your conservatory plans together and if you’re happy then we can arrange to get started on drawing them for you.

After your conservatory plans have been put together they’ll be sent away to your local council in Glasgow where they’ll make a decision on whether or not it’s going to be approved. We can take care of the whole process for you which is something that a lot of our clients prefer because it means that they can return to their daily activities whilst we speak to the local council on their behalf, you’d be kept up to date on the progress of your application should you wish for us to take care of the process for you.

Find out more about the conservatory plans that we can offer today by giving us a call on 0800 520 0347.