House Extensions Airdrie

a extensionsWhy house extensions are becoming popular

There are several reasons why house extensions are becoming increasingly popular in properties in Airdrie. The current economic situation has meant that it has become increasingly difficult for people to sell their homes. As a result of this people have decided to get a house extension built instead.

Planning permission and building warrants

Here at Archi Plan we can assist you when you are considering having a house extension built. Before you have a house extension built it is important that you have planning permission and a building warrant, you are able to get this through our plans.

The consequences of failing to get planning permission and a building warrant

It is a legal requirement for you to have planning permission and a building warrant which means that if you don’t have these your house extension could need amended. In worst cases your house extension would be completely demolished, causing you to lose the money that you have put into your house extension in the first place.

The benefit of using Archi Plan

Using our plans will get you one step closer to your house extension being approved by the local authorities. Our team are experienced and qualified in all aspects of house extensions which means we are able to draw up plans that are likely to be approved by the local authorities.

Our team

We use our experience every day to provide our clients in Airdrie with advice on their house extensions so if we think that your plans won’t be approved then we will tell you and offer solutions.

Our prices

Our prices are exceptional for house extensions, this is something that our customers in Airdrie tell us on a day to day basis. Before we start on drawings we will provide you with a quote, the price that you are quoted is the price that we will expect for our services so there are no hidden extras.

How you can get in touch with us

Our team are available on 08005200347 or at