Late Building Warrant Paisley

We have helped many clients in Paisley to get a late building warrant who have already had work carried out to their property without the appropriate permission. It is when it comes to something like selling your home that you realise that you should have asked permission before you started the work. The buyers lawyer will ask for a completion certificate but you won’t have this if you carried out the work without a building warrant. Don’t worry though, we can help.

This problem is more common that you might think. People in Paisley and all over for that matter are unaware that at times that it is a legal requirement to obtain a building warrant prior to any work beginning, however, if you haven’t done this at the beginning you can apply for a late building warrant. We can help you through the whole process of obtaining it.

In a situation where a late building warrant is required we can complete the application form for the council as well as submitting all of the information for review. We would come out to your home to carry out a full measurement survey. From this we would produce a set of existing scale drawings as well as a full set of proposed scale drawings and accompany them with an ordnance survey map highlighting your property.

The council will then review the plans and carry out a site inspection which is then followed by the release of the completion certificate, this normally takes around 4 weeks. When we carry out the full survey of your home we will highlight to you any areas of concern which you may need to get someone to attend to before the council come out to carry out the inspection. This will prevent any delays when it comes to you obtaining the completion certificate.

If you live in Paisley and need a late building warrant then get in touch with us today. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to help whether that be answering your questions if you have any or offering their advice over the phone or coming out to your property.