Late Building Warrant Rutherglen

Late Building Warrant

A late building warrant is required if you are planning on selling your home but you didn’t get the necessary consent at the time when the work began.

Without a late building warrant you won’t be able to sell your home as the banks want to make sure that a property is in good condition before they commit to giving someone the money for the property.

There are a lot of homeowners in Rutherglen and from all over who didn’t even know that they had to have a building warrant in the first place, for example, people who have had a loft conversion, an addition of an en-suite or even a garage conversion.

Archi Plan Glasgow

At Archi Plan Glasgow we have been helping people in Rutherglen obtain a late building warrant for several years now.

We have built up an enviable reputation over the years, with us having helped numerous homeowners from Rutherglen.

We charge competitive prices for our services and will happily discuss your requirements.

Our process starts off with us coming out to your home to carry out a full measurement survey of your home. At this point we will produce a set of existing scale drawings and a full set of proposed scale drawings and accompany them with an ordnance survey map that highlights your property. We will then complete the council’s application form and submit all of the information to be reviewed.

If we feel that there are any areas of concern then we will highlight them to you before the council carries out the final inspection of the property. This is beneficial as it prevents undue delays with the release of completion certificate.

It takes approximately 4 weeks for the council to review the plans and to arrange to carry out a site inspection that is followed by the release of the completion certificate. We will keep you up to date with all of the developments whilst your application goes through the process.

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