Planning An Extension East Kilbride

a extensionsThere are a number of different reasons why you may be planning an extension at your home in East Kilbride, with you being able to add more space and add to the value of your home.

There is an increasing cost and hassle of moving home which is combined with uncertainty in the property market which makes planning for an extension an attractive prospect.

Here at our company we can help you to increase the value of your home by helping you to plan an extension. With our local, professional service you can save hundreds of pounds.

We are able to offer a complete service to you and other customers in East Kilbride who are planning an extension, this service includes:

  • A full site measurement survey
  • Preparation of existing floor and elevation plans
  • Preparation of proposed floor and elevation plans
  • Completing all application forms
  • Liaising with the local council throughout the full process of your application
  • Acting as your agent – this is beneficial as it means that you will only have to ever speak to us
  • Recommending structural engineers that we work with – if they are required
  • Retrospective permission “emergency service” – this is if you are a homeowner who ha done work without the relevant consent and you are selling your home. This would involve us assisting with the immediate attention to prepare a Retrospective application pack to seek a late completion certificate on your behalf to allow the sale of your home to go through


We are also able to review your builders’ quotes for the new house extension and offer advice regarding this. Our team can explain the terminology that is used on the quotes so that you understand what it is that the builders are pricing you for, it will also make sure that they understand the drawings. This part of the service is completely free.

Here at our company, we believe in providing a fixed fee with there being no hidden charges at all. The only costs that are over and above our fixed fee is the fee that you will have to pay the local council and any structural engineering reports that you may need if there are any structural alterations taking place.

For a free quote or to arrange for us to come out to your home in East Kilbride to help you plan an extension, simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347 or email us at: