Planning An Extension Strathaven

a extensionsAn extension can be an excellent addition for any home in Strathaven, with it effectively allowing you to increase the amount of space that you have and add to the value of your home.

When planning for an extension you’ll need a building warrant which means that you’ll need to go through your local council to get one. The way of showing the council your proposed new home extension is by means that are generally referred to as plans.

The process of getting your house extended can be daunting, with there being many steps involved from the initial designing and planning to the approval of the building warrant and the actual building of the extension.

If you would like to come to us for help on planning an extension then you can expect us to come out to your home in Strathaven to answer all of your questions whilst offering advice from your initial enquiry. Our advisory service is completely free.

If you then decide that you would like us to act on your behalf then we will arrange to come back to carry out a full building measurement survey. This takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half and every room has to be accessible. We will then design and develop your ideas and draw your full set of proposed plans using our CAD facilities.  Our team will act as your agent and will speak to the local authorities until you have been granted a building warrant for the required work.

When it comes to the building work we are able to help you to review your builders’ quotes, with us offering advice and explaining the terminology that is used before you proceed with your building works. This will ensure that you fully understand what your builders has priced you for.

We charge competitive prices and only give a fixed fee, without there being any hidden charges at all. The only costs over and above our fixed fee will be the fee that you have to pay the local council and any structural engineering reports that you may need if there are any major structural alterations taking place or if the council come back requesting this.

For more information on what we can offer you and others in Strathaven, simply give us a call on 0800 520 0347 or email us at: We’ll then arrange to come out to your home at the most suitable time for your needs.