Planning Permission Drawings For Property Extensions Lanarkshire

a extensionsOur company specialises in providing planning permission drawings for property extensions in Lanarkshire. As a company we have gained a respectable reputation over the years we have provided planning permission drawings for property extensions and can offer a fully comprehensive service to those in Lanarkshire who come to us for our services.

If you choose to come to us for our planning permission drawings then you can expect us to visit your home and answer all of your questions, you can also expect to receive advice from Archi Plan from your initial enquiry from day one.

Each of the specialists at our company who provide planning permission drawings for property extensions are fully qualified and have numerous years experience in providing drawings for people in Lanarkshire so you can expect to receive a service which is professional.

By coming to us for our services you could spend a fraction of the price that you would elsewhere, this is because of the competitive prices that we charge for our services. You can expect us to provide you with a quote before we get started on your drawings.

If you decide that you want our company to act on your behalf when it comes to planning permission drawings for property extensions then we will proceed to carry out a full building measurement survey. This takes approximately an hour and a half and every room in your property needs to be accessible. After this is complete you can then expect us to design and develop your ideas and draw your full set of proposed plans using our CAD facilities. If we feel that what you want won’t be approved by the local authorities because your ideas aren’t realistic enough then we will provide you with advice on what we think would be approved. Throughout the full of the application process you can expect Archi Plan to act as your agent, liaising with the local authorities on your behalf until your application is granted.

To find out more about what we can offer to you all you need to do is give us a call.