Retrospective Planning Glasgow

a archiplan 3If you fail to obtain planning permission or comply with the details of a permission then it’s known as a planning breach.

Typically a planning breach occurs when:

  • A development that requires planning permission has been undertaken without the permission being granted. This could be because the planning application was either refused or wasn’t even applied for
  • A development that has been given permission subject to conditions and breaks one or more of these conditions


A planning breach isn’t illegal and it’s quite often that the council will permit a retrospective application in cases where planning permission hasn’t been applied for at that time.

Having said this, if the breach involves a previously rejected development or the retrospective planning application is failed the council can issue an enforcement notice which means that you will have to put things back to the way that they were.

If the local planning authority in Glasgow serve an enforcement notice on you then it’s more than likely that they will consider that you’ve broken planning control rules, this is because they have considered that what you are doing or have done is damaging to your neighbourhood.

It is illegal for you to disobey an enforcement notice unless it’s appealed against. You can appeal against both the refusals of permission and enforcement notices but if the verdict does come out against you and you are still refusing to comply then you may be prosecuted.

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